“India is in a period of unprecedented opportunity, challenge and ambition in its development”


Prosperity India Fund

Fund Overview

Prosperity India Fund Invests in bluechip companies & emerging leaders that are at the forefront of India’s growth story.


Large Cap fund underpinned by growth of earnings at reasonable valuations philosophy.


Objective of the fund is wealth creation with a high margin of safety to the capital deployed.


Maximum Sector holding in any one sector is limited to 25% of the portfolio.


Maximum allocation per company is limited to 15% of the portfolio.


Benchmark S&P BSE Sensex.

Minimum Investment INR 50,00,000 for Indian citizens.

Investment Philosophy 

Prosperity India Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of Large cap stocks with a long track record of secular earnings growth.


The fund may utilise derivatives to hedge downside risks when adverse market conditions are anticipated in the near future.


PIF is a reflection of India’s growth story and bets on the basic premise that the Indian economy would continue to witness stable growth over the coming decades.


This fund is ideal for investors who are new entrants to the equity markets and are looking for an investment avenue to beat Bond/FD returns over the long-run.


As the fund primarily invests in large cap companies it is relatively less volatile than sector/theme oriented funds or multi-cap funds making it suitable for conservative equity investors. 

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